Successful Norwegian-Hungarian Workshop on Mental Health and Site Visits

Between 4-6 June 2013, the National Development Agency, as the designated programme operator of the Public Health Initiatives Programme Area organised several professional events in order to foster the implementation of the programme area and strengthen bilateral relations. The events were organised in close cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and the National Institute for Health Development.

On 5 June, a Workshop on Mental Health took place with the participation of more than 100 professionals primarily from the field of mental health development, which forms the main focus of the Public Health Initiative Programme. Participants of the workshop could familiarize themselves with and discuss the mental health components of the programme area, while lecturers from the donor state provided insights into the ongoing initiatives and best practices in their country. Mr Miklós Szócska, the Minister of State for Health, also gave a speech at the event.

On the preceding and following days of the workshop, the experts from Norway had the opportunity to visit Hungarian institutions working in the field, where they could learn about the relevant current programmes and initiatives and consult with professionals on the possible directions of building bilateral relations within the framework of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The photos of the workshop and the site visits are available here:

The presentations delivered at the workshop are available here.

dr. Csilla Czimer - Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, Public health initiatives programme

Zoltán Arany - Child and youth addictology care in every day practice, possilbles ways of development (in Hungarian)

Dr. István Bitter - Network of mental health coordinators

Prof. Szabolcs Kéri - New ways in diagnostics and therapy of mental disorders (in Hungarian)

Ildikó Horváth Kissné –  The future of health development in Hungary. The transformation of the organisation context. Chances, opportunities and risks

dr. Tamás Koós - Professional support of mental health development centers and mental health development with the involvement of the back-up institutions of national healthcare (in Hungarian)

Prof. Tamás Kulimay - European practices of mental health development (in Hungarian)

Arne Repål –  Good Practices in Mental Health Care in Norway – connecting health and social services. A glimpse from inside

Arne Repål - Text of his presentation 

Dr. János Szemelyácz - Drog abuse in adolescent age in Hungary

Dr. Erika Vandlik  - Development of the conditions of youth addictology care in the framework of the Norwegian Financial Mecahnism (in Hungarian)

Dr. Gábor Varga – The state of child and youth addictology care, trends of development (in Hungarian)

Dr. Ágnes Vetró - State of child and youth pshichiatry, which forms the basis of the development of child addictology care. Regional aspects of mental health care (in Hungarian)

Dr. József Vitrai - Mental health inequalities in Hungary (in Hungarian)

Living-in drug rehabilitation home for youth

Presentation by Jan Tvedt


The aim of the programme managed by the National Development Agency Human Resources Managing Authority is to increase the general health condition and to decrease the level of illnesses of the popoulation, especially in priority areas such as mental health development The programme grant is about 5,9 billion Hungarian Forints.