Cultural heritage

Programme Operator: Prime Minister’s Office, Deputy State Secretariat for Cultural Heritage Protection

Donor Programme Partner: Arts Council Norway

Objectives: Cultural and natural heritage for future generations safe-guarded and conserved and made publicly accessible. Cultural dialogue increased and European identity fostered through understanding of cultural diversity.

Grant amount: 3 557 585 300 Ft/11 969 000,00 €

Supported areas:

  • Programme area- PA16: Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage

Preservation of urban built heritage (A1): The sub-area’s main objective is the authentic and sustainable renewal of dilapidated urban scenes, classified as national monuments. Refurbishment of their surroundings, strengthening of their cultural functions and making them publicly accessible contributes to reduction of social disparities.

Preservation of rural cultural and natural heritage (A2):

  1. Sustainable restoration, preservation and representation of built heritage linked to traditional rural lifestyle and natural spatial planning, involving local stakeholders.
  2. Sustainable restoration, preservation and representation of cultural heritage protected environmental values, and areas exclusively including kurgans, earth forts, rock niches, caves and their surroundings.
  • Programme area- PA17: Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage

Promoting bilateral cooperation in contemporary performing arts (B1):

Promoting cultural diversity through the support of performing art collaborations. Building professional networks and diffusing cultural products, organizing educational programs, study tours, workshops and professional platforms.

Promoting intercultural – Roma/non-Roma – dialogue (B2): The sub-programme’s main objective is to alleviate the social tension between Roma and non-Roma people, increasing intercultural conversations, mitigating prejudices with workshops, programs, innovative and/or alternative cultural products which are also strengthening local community identity, making culture publicly accessible.

Scope of beneficiaries: Central budgetary authorities, municipalities, non-profit organizations and companies, religious organizations, foundations and cultural organizations.

45 supported projects