Norway Grants


Programme Operator: Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation- Ökotárs

The NGO Programme of the EEA/Norway Grants in Hungary was established with the comprehensive aim to “strengthen the development of the Hungarian civil society and to enhance its contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development”

Consequently, the NGO Fund set the following objectives:

  • promote the democratic values, including human rights;
  • develop advocacy and watchdog roles;
  • foster active citizenship;
  • develop networks and coalitions of NGOs working in partnership;
  • strengthen the capacities of NGOs, promote an enabling environment for the sector;
  • increase the contribution to sustainable development;
  • provide of basic welfare services to defined target groups;
  • empower vulnerable groups

One third of the funding should be expended on emphazized areas. 10 % pf the grant amount is dedicated to fund organizations supporting children and youth, another 10 % is assigned to promote gender equality. Supporting Roma population should appear as key objective as well. Financial Mechanisms Office is operating the programme, the fund manager has been selected together with National Focal Point.

EEA Grant’s support: € 12.618.000

Detailed information is available on the official website of Norwegian Civil Fund: