Renewable energy

Programme Operator: Ministry of National Development, Department for Green Economy Development

Donor Program Partner: Icelandic National Energy Authority (OS)

Objectives: The objective of the programme is to increase the ratio of renewable energy in energy consumption. The main objective of the programme is to implement projects with geothermal energy consumption (switching of existing district heating systems to geothermal energy supply) and to strengthen awareness and education in the sustainable use of renewable energy.

Grant amount: 2,42 billion HUF

Supported areas:

  1. Implementation of geothermal based developments by replacing existing district heating systems.
  2. Strengthening energy consciousness and education on the field renewable energy; supporting master and expert level trainings and awareness raising campaigns.

Call for proposals:

  1. Increased renewable energy production

Implementation of Geothermal Based District Heating Systems – Replacing Existing Fossil Fuel Based District Heating – open call

  1. Increased awareness of and education in renewable energy solutions

Grant for Supporting Participation in Courses on the Utilization of Renewable Energy Solutions – open call

Scope of beneficiaries: Companies, municipalities, higher education institutions, foundations, non-profit companies, natural persons.

5 supported projects