Capacity building & institutional cooperation

Capacity building & institutional cooperation

Programme Operator: Prime Minister’s Office, Department for Implementation of International Co-operation Programmes

Donor Program Partner: Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)

Objectives: The objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacities of Hungarian public institutions and to develop their human resources through co-operation with Norwegian institutions and authorities performing similar tasks and knowledge transfer. Within the framework of this programme, each project will be implemented in partnership with one or several Norwegian institutions.

Grant amount: 12.7 million EUR

Supported areas:

Strengthening of institutional capacity and development of human resources in public institutions as well as local and regional authorities – predefined projects

Improvement of capacity and quality of provided public services by the public institutions, local and regional authorities – selected projects by open call

Call for proposals:

Capacity-building of local governments for enhancing quality of public services and for promoting local economic development – open call for proposal