Public Health

Public health

Programme Operator: National Healthcare Sevices Center

Donor Program Partner: Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Objectives: The programme aims at improving the health status of the population and reducing the disease burden in certain key areas, particularly in the field of mental health. The most vulnerable groups, including the Roma population, shall be targeted in this programme.

Grant amount: 19 576 641 EUR

Expected outcomes:

Reduced inequalities between user groups through physical activity awareness-raising, providing support to health visitors and building health workforce capacity. Improved access to and quality of health services through setting up a pilot model for e-pathology facilities, enhancing the adolescent addiction out-patient care services and developing a decision-making and monitoring support system. Improved mental health services through creating a network of mental health coordinators, establishing mental health centres and a Secure Mental Health Unit.

Scope of beneficiaries:

The scope of eligible applicants includes health care services and social care services operating in the field of mental health, local governments, NGO-s, foundations, churches and their institutions, independent outpatient care service providers, hospitals, medical universities and university departments in the field of public health, public policy and social policy, background institutions of the Ministry of Human Resources and consortia thereof.

Predefined projects:

PP1 – Improvement of the working conditions of health visitors active in Roma communities

PP2 – Methodological, structural and capacity enhancement to support interventions aiming to promote the mental health of the population