Cultural heritage

Revitalizing Rural Architectural Heritage for Enlivening Community Life in Máriapócs

Revitalizing Rural Architectural Heritage for Enlivening Community Life in Máriapócs

Project ID: HU07-0049-A2-2013

Projektgazda/Projekt Promoter Máriapócs Város Önkormányzata
Program Operátor/Programme Operator Miniszterelnökség - Társadalmi és Örökségvédelmi Ügyekért, valamint Kiemelt Kulturális Beruházásokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság /

Prime Minister’s Office, Deputy State Secretariat Responsible for Cultural Heritage, Social Affairs and Major Cultural Investments


Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period 2016.07.25. -  2017.04.30.
Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner -
Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner -
Összköltség / Total budget (EUR) 97 169 922 HUF/ 329 277,95 EUR
EGT/Norvég támogatás összege / EEA/Norwegian Grant (EUR) 92 311 427 HUF/ 312 814,05 EUR

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Our city has a significant number of civil organizations, we enjoy an active community life and a  great variety of cultural and religious programs enrich our everyday lives. The idea of collecting and publishing the materialistic and spiritual cultural values of the city of Máriapócs in order to preserve them for the generations to come,  has been a major objective of the community for years now. We also felt it important to create a community scene that meets the infrastructural requirements ofour present day, that serves as a headquarters for our civil organizations, and as a main cultural base for our city to provide community programs in the future.

As a result of the thorough research and content development, we created a digital library that makes our cultural values available to all interested parties at Also, we created a permanent exhibition showcasing the history of carriage driving, which features a real relique craftsmanship a wooden hand carved horse carriage.

The old estate of the Gergelyffy family has also been renovated in the project. In accordance with the needs of the target groups, two main indoor and three outdoor community-civil and cultural-cultural functions have been created.

Our four community programs (thematic days) aimed at involving the whole community in the research and content development process were a great success, with our programs we managed to reach more than 500 people during the project implementation phase.


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