Cultural heritage

Cifrakert and Svájci ház funkcion expansion rehabilitation

Cifrakert and Svájci ház funkcion expansion rehabilitation

Project ID: HU07-0067-A2-2013

Program Operátor/Program Operator Miniszterelnökség - Társadalmi és Örökségvédelmi Ügyekért, valamint Kiemelt Kulturális Beruházásokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság / Prime Minister’s Office, Deputy State Secretariat Responsible for Cultural Heritage, Social Affairs and Major Cultural Investments
Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period

31/05/2016 - 30/04/2017.

Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner Nagykőrösi Városi Nyugdíjas Klub/  Retirement Club of Nagykőrös Town
Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner -
Összköltség / Total budget (EUR) 135.568.742 Ft/ 455.329,33 EUR
EGT/Norvég támogatás összege / EEA/Norwegian Grant (EUR) 112.424.693 Ft/ 377.596,26 EUR

Project subpage

The project was carried out with the financial support of the EEA Grant provider countries. Thanks their contribution, the green heart of Nagykőrös town was revived within a more than 5 hectares area of the "Cifra Garden", rehabilitating in 3 action areas, which meant the implementation of the following activities:

  • Reconstruction of the Swiss House and Music Pavilion, both built around 1870 and under local protection,
  • Renovation of the marketplace, as well as the environment of the Swiss House and the Music Pavilion,
  • Creating a playground and a sports field,
  • Installation of lighting system for the playground and the sports field,
  • Renovation of the outdoor stage and auditorium,
  • Installation of surveillance camera system,
  • Equipment procurement in order to support the usage of the garden’s functional areas,
  • Installation of CIFI Wi-Fi network.

With the renovation of the Swiss House, a functional location was developed for events and exhibitions. By refurbishing the area around the Swiss House, we have created a larger marketplace. The renovated Music Pavilion and Outdoor stage with their cultured appearance provides performance opportunities to talented artist in the area. With the implementation of the playground and sports grounds, the goal of serving younger generation’s needs was completed. With the realization of the mentioned activities, the opportunity of organizing pleasant and suitable cultural, art, and educational programs made open. Moreover, with the acquired tools and equipment, the organization and launch of these events were put on a level which responds to today’s demands.

Cifra garden was renewed in way that brought back its old light, while at the same time was filled with modern and crucial functions for the inhabitants of the town. The opportunity is provided for everyone, including disadvantaged and disabled residents as well, to visit the park and find full recreation. Admission is free, and the garden is open for everyone. We hope that the Cifra Garden will become a favorite location for family excursions, a place, where the whole family can regenerate and relax. In addition, we also hope that the carried out activities will help the fulfillment of the project, implemented with function-enhancing rehabilitation.


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