Cultural heritage

Conservation of cultural and natural values - Buják

Conservation of cultural and natural values - Buják

Project ID: HU07-0074-A2-2013

Projektgazda/Projekt Promoter

Buják Village Municipal

Program Operátor/Programme Operator Miniszterelnökség - Társadalmi és Örökségvédelmi Ügyekért, valamint Kiemelt Kulturális Beruházásokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság /

Prime Minister’s Office, Deputy State Secretariat Responsible for Cultural Heritage, Social Affairs and Major Cultural Investments

Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period 2016. 05.01. – 2017.04.30.


Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner -
Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner -
Összköltség / Total budget (EUR) 123 151 068 HUF/ 417 319,78 EUR
EGT/Norvég támogatás összege / EEA/Norwegian Grant (EUR) 116 011 151 HUF/ 393 124,88 EUR

Project subpage

Elements of cultural heritage (chapel, castle ruins, look-out tower, folk clothes, folk architecture, folk traditions and experiences, unique gastronomic adventures), ecologic rarities and protected values are quite concentrated in Buják and its outskirts, providing colorful and unique bunches of attractions with the true experience of discovery.

The development, besides the preservation of values, supports the access to local and regional religious and cultural attractions.

Potential outcome:

  • 1 renovated buildings
  • complex package of services, with new experience elements
  • availability of unique science and folk art attractions
  • joint experience of scientific achievements, art works and religious life
  • combination of religious and cultural values with eco-touristic and gastronomic opportunities
  • creative presentation of the unique Buják folk art elements

Main goals of the project:

  • visitor friendly enhancement of cultural heritage sights
  • all year accessibility of facilities
  • availability of events, workshops, trainings, services in the facilities

planned project results:

  • a total 350 nm of renovated buildings
  • 10.000 visitors per year – instead of the recent approx. 1000
  • employment of 2 persons
  • modern infrastructure and attractions, visible development of infrastructure
  • professional marketing and local coordination