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Hungarian premier of theatre play titled Sleeping by J. Fosse

Hungarian premier of theatre play titled Sleeping by J. Fosse

Project ID: HU07-0232-B1-2016

Projektgazda/Projekt Promoter Erőmű Kortárs Művészeti Egyesület
Program Operátor/Programme Operator Miniszterelnökség – Társadalmi és Örökségvédelmi Ügyekért, valamint Kiemelt Kulturális Beruházásokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság / Prime Minister’s Office, Deputy State Secretariat Responsible for Cultural Heritage, Social Affairs and Major Cultural Investments 
Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period 2016.07.01. - 2017.04.30.
Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner Magyar Írószövetség
Pesti Magyar Színház
Skandináv Ház Alapítvány
Theatrum Scholae Közhasznú Alapítvány
Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner  
Összköltség (Ft)/ Total budget (EUR) 66 000 000 HUF/217 319,72 EUR
EGT támogatás összege / EEA Grant (EUR) 59 400 000 HUF/195 587,75 EUR

Project subpage

The project targets the Hungarian premiere of the play titled Sleeping of the world famous contemporary drama writer, Jon Fosse, in the interpretation of dramaturge Deres Péter. Fosse is often called the „new Ibsen”. Fosse’s stylistics, Fosse is more „minimalist” in his using of words that his genius predecessor. Fosse likes to ignore all glyphs – not only expanding his text by giving it several meanings, but also offers more freedom to directors and actors to resolve the meaning of the text. Fosse unveils the deepest secrets and taboos of the human soul in an explicit way, without beating around the bush and compromises. These are human (fate)stories – at their very best. Fosse is also much favored for his simplicity – however this simplicity is always coupled with extraordinary depth, wisdom, the knowledge of humans and the world. Fosse is capable of writing with splendid generosity about universal problems, like the relationship of man and woman, love, hatred, faith, death... A Fosse premiere is always a noted even in any theatre of the world – also in Hungary. So far more than 30 of his plays were performed in 800 different performances. In addition, the play titled Sleeping would be a premiere in Hungary. As part of our complex program, together with our partner organization – the Scandinavian House Foundation - we organize a workshop with the participation of Jon Fosse, as well as further two invited Norwegian, contemporary author and our actor colleague(s). At this inter-active author- reader meeting, visitors can get an insight into the developments of Norwegian literature, its past and presence, can learn about the professional activity and biography of invited authors, as well as listen to parts of the former and recent – or even not yet published – works of our invited guests, performed by our actor colleague(s). Beside the meetings for the general public – touching upon more general issues – we also organize further special workshops for the professional audience (dramaturges, writers, etc.) As part of the workshop, invited Hungarian experts, acknowledged researchers of the Norwegian literature will deliver presentations about the below topics:

  1. Contemporary Norwegian prose
  2. Contemporary Norwegian lira
  3. Contemporary Norwegian drama

We also count on the assistance and coordination of the THEATRUM SCHOLAE Foundation – as partner organization - in selecting and delegating the Hungarian colleagues, experts and performers. As partner organization, the Hungarian Authors Association will help us in selecting and delegating the Norwegian colleagues, experts and performers.

Further guests invited:

  • Representatives of art periodicals
  • Representatives of book publishers
  • Lecturers and students of relevant institutions of higher education
  • Representatives of culture columns of the press

The day of the workshop will be concluded with performing the drama of Jon Fosse, titled Sleeping – which is also going to be a premiere in Hungary. Our objective was the documentation of the project implementation, applying television technology – on the token of professional ethics and public service. We intend to record all preparation/implementation phases of creating the performance to be staged in a documentary way, starting from props and costume design, through their creation, the rehearsals to the staging premiere. Most recently short films were already shot separately about individual theatre professions, however in our information the 50 minutes long „the making of” film is so far unprecedented in the Hungarian theatre and television culture. Obviously, we intend to make the film, as an educational material make freely available (also with Norwegian subtitles), which can certainly be an efficient tool of knowledge transfer. We consider it our mission to introduce a performance to be staged, and organize a related workshop, and in general terms outline and summarize the different theatre related professions and required knowledge, through never-before-heard interesting stories, offering a true experience to all age groups – this way intending to promote the accessibility, introduction and preservation of the Norwegian – Hungarian cultural heritage.


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