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DanceClusive Reloaded

DanceClusive Reloaded

Project ID: HU07-0002-C2-2017

Projektgazda/Projekt Promoter "4 FOR DANCE" Tánc, Sport és Kulturális Egyesület
Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period 2017.06.01- 2017.10.15
Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner -
Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner TRANSFORM
Összköltség / Total budget (EUR) 2 495 000HUF/7 996 EUR
EGT/Norvég támogatás összege / EEA/Norwegian Grant (EUR) 2 495 000HUF/7 996 EUR

DanceClusive Reloaded, planned implementation period: 01.05.2017-31.08.2017 (4 months). Total costs: 2.495.000 HUF. Indicators: Number of people involved: 10 persons; Number of events organized with participation of Hungarian and Donor States Stakeholders: 3 pieces; Number of professional networks between entities in beneficiary and donor states established and operational: 1 piece; Access to expertise and know-how: 1 piece; Number of international travels: 1 piece.

Overall aim of the project is to support the future performing arts (especially dance) artistic and the project management partnership activities. The project titled ‘DanceClusive’ (HU07-0248-B1-2016) ran from 01.06.2016 to 31.01.2017. The international cooperation activities of the project and the direct cultural output (2 pieces of joint intercultural and interactive performances, as ‘DanceClusive Shows’) have shown to the performing arts (dancers, musicians) professionals and the organizing producers and scenic technical experts that the Norwegian and Hungarian cultural roots and their adaptation into unique modern circumstances can form a kind of a state of the art consumable cultural product.

Planned project activities and expected results:

  • Elaboration of a feasibility and strategic planning study’s documentation (including necessity assessment and summarizing experiences of the implemented project activities); expected date of delivery: 31.08.2017 – 1 study and its whole supplementary documentation (including necessity assessment)
  • 1 International travel (planned schedule: 10.05.2017-14.05.2017, 5 days) and in the framework of that 3 workshops and/or meetings regarding the know-how transfer activities between the project partners – 1 international travel; 3 meetings/workshops (attendance sheets, agendas, professional reports)
  • Project administrative activities (01.05.2017-31.08.2017, 4 months) – Project documentation (project management activities and obligatory publicity activities)