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Trip around the onionskin – II. act. Bilateral (Norwegian-Hungarian) participatory theatrical project

Trip around the onionskin – II. act. Bilateral (Norwegian-Hungarian) participatory theatrical project

Project ID: HU07-0003-C2-2017

Projektgazda/Projekt Promoter Káva Kulturális Műhely Egyesület/ Kava Drama / Theatre in Education Association
Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period 2017.04.03- 2017.10.31
Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner -
Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner Kompani13
Összköltség / Total budget (EUR) 2 429 030 HUF/7 785 EUR
EGT/Norvég támogatás összege / EEA/Norwegian Grant (EUR) 2 429 030 HUF/7 785 EUR

It was the central element of our original project to create performances for high school students, having interactive elements. These performances are inclining the participants to think and take creative action about a current, important human / social problem. In the process, both the companies have stepped out of their comfort zones, to participate in an innovative artistic and pedagogic project that also brings the strengthening of their international networks, cultural exchange, and the start of a new, possible professional network. 
Our current project is based on this above. Throughout our cooperation, a very definite need came up to present / apply the methodology of the Hungarian company in Norway. Based on that, we broaden our cooperation with a training module, to make the members of Kompani13 get to know the basics of the used methodology in an intensive way, especially putting focus on how to adapt it to the Norwegian environment. 
The most important events and artifacts realized by the project are the following: 

  • 4-day, intensive training for the members of the Norwegian company 
  • integrated in the training, 2 times performing the complex, interactive play (that was realized in the first project) to the partners, having 2 groups of participating children with very different backgrounds; 
    • making a training package for the Norwegian team, including subtitling 2 films about Káva TiE performances, that the group saw earlier at the study trip; 
    • a strategic collaboration meeting with the two companies about the planned professional cooperations of the upcoming 2 years. 
      According to our intentions, the continuation of our international project creates a connection between theater art and real processes going on in society, and will be a model to further bilateral cooperations realizing in the area of participatory theater / theaterpedagogy, and also makes it possible to export the methodology of the Project Promoter to Norway.