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Voices from us

Voices from us

Project ID: HU07-0006-C2-2017

Projektgazda/Projekt Promoter Besenyszögért Alapítvány/ Besenyszögért Foundation
Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period 2017.08.01- 2017.10.31
Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner -
Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner Félagið Ísland-Ungverjaland
Összköltség / Total budget (EUR) 2 495 990 HUF/7 999 EUR
EGT/Norvég támogatás összege / EEA/Norwegian Grant (EUR) 2 495 990 HUF/7 999 EUR

The general purpose of the project is to strengthen the cooperation between the Icelandic and Hungarian organizations and to introduce the Hungarian music culture by Besenyszög singer groups. Making CD and BOOKLET.  Within the confines of the project, three different actions are implemented, one of them is multiply complex. The Besenyszög Folk Song Group, the Chiovini Children’s Choir, the Chiovini Female Chamber Choir are directly concerned in the actions. Target groups: performers and the Icelandic and Hungarian people interested in music. The participants of the actions to be implemented are 11 Hungarian members of the folk song Group, 30 Hungarian members of the children’s choir, 18 Hungarian members of the female chamber choir , 40 Icelandic choir members and 20 members of  the Icelandic-Hungarian Cultural Association.

Actions to be implemented within the confines of the project are the following:

  1. Organization of activities (HU, 4 times)
    1. Recording CD sound materials
    2. Editing CD sound materials
    3. Translating the Hungarian content into Icelandic and English language
    4. Editing the BOOKLET
  2. CD release concert organized for Besenyszög people
  3. Organization of workshops (IS, 2 times)
    1. CD release concert for Karlakór Kjalnesinga Choir
    2. CD release workshop for the Icelandic-Hungarian Cultural Association