List of Abbreviations

AIBA National Agency of International Education Affairs, Liechtenstein
BRC  Bilateral Research Cooperation
CC  Cooperation Committee
CoE Council of Europe
CYR Children and Youth at Risk
DGAEF Directorate General for Audit of European Funds
DoRIS Documentation, Reporting and Information System
DPP Donor Programme Partner
EEA European Economic Area
EU European Union
FMC Financial Mechanism Committee
FMO Financial Mechanism Office
GII Green Industry Innovation
HUF Hungarian Forint
IA Implementing Agency
IDEFA International Development and Fund Coordination Agency
KS Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities
MC Monitoring Committee
NDA National Development Agency
NFP National Focal Point
OS National Energy Authority of Iceland
PH Public Health
PO Programme Operator
RA Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Norway
RANNIS Izlandi Kutatóközpont
SIU Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education
SZIU Szent István University
TA Technical Assistance
TPF Tempus Public Foundation
VOX Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning