Cultural Heritage Movies

"House of Art" the restoration of the synagogue of Albertirsa

The project aims to renovate the 200-year-old synagogue of Albertirsa. The project consisted of two parts, the first part was to restore the monumental building, and the necessary transformation and equipment needed for cultural events. After the renovation, the 1190 sqm property became suitable for up to 120 people. After the renovation, the aim was to coordinate the work of the House of Arts with the existing institutions, the Cultural Center, the Village House, the City Library and the Sports Center, or the cultural institutions of the neighbouring settlements, in order to organize joint programs.

Restoration of the horse tram terminus building in Zugliget to preserve the built heritage and to utilize it as a sustainable cultural-community place

The primary goal of the project is to renovate the end station building of the former horse tram observing the heritage protection rules, and to expand it with new features and content. Thus, the building serves as a home for the Local History Collection of the Hegyvidék District as well as as an event center and a catering industrial facility. The old idea could have been achieved that the end station built in 1885 should get rid of attachments built over the decades and should await visitors in their original state.

Treasury of heritage

During the implementation of the project István Türr Museum of Baja town has renovated and reconstructed the first level of its building at Deák Ferenc street No. 1., which is under the protection of National Historic Monuments and is located in the very centre of the multi-national and multi-cultural settlement. The main purpose of the project is to ensure the preservation and sustainable use of this built cultural heritage, also to promote social inclusion via enhancing access to new cultural and community services and to the cultural heritage kept in the museum which is functioning also as a regional cultural institute for minorities. The results involve the increase of the exhibition area from 30% to 60%. Our project titled “Treasury of cultural heritage’ exhibits close to 60% of the 79-year-old public collection kept in the museum now, instead of the previous 20%. The cultural heritage of Treasury Bacska has become real public domain.

Reconstruction of former Art Nouveau Hotel Petőfi in Szentes and its sustainable utilization as a cultural-community centre

Among the goals set, one of the main aims was to ensure the realisation of a cultural, artistic, and cafeteria-like multicultural functions of the Szentesi Art Nouveau House. Main results of the project: lobby, literary café, chamber room, interactive gallery and concert hall. The street facades of the corner building were also renovated, taking into account heritage protection considerations and regulations. The Art Nouveau House offers to the local artists an opportunity to present their works, and provides a home to literary, musical and other events. The project improves the conditions regarding the operation of many local civil organizations, associations, friends and institutions, providing a suitable location for their operations, and also expanding the city's tourist attractions. An accessible community space was developed, and thanks to this, the accessibility of certain disadvantaged groups (primarily handicapped) significantly improved. Further parts of the building can be renewed by future investments.

Cifrakert and Svájci ház funkcion expansion rehabilitation

With the renovation of the Swiss House, a functional location was developed for events and exhibitions. By refurbishing the area around the Swiss House, we have created a larger marketplace. The renovated Music Pavilion and Outdoor stage with their cultured appearance provides performance opportunities to talented artist in the area. With the implementation of the playground and sports grounds, the goal of serving younger generation’s needs was completed. With the realization of the mentioned activities, the opportunity of organizing pleasant and suitable cultural, art, and educational programs made open. Moreover, with the acquired tools and equipment, the organization and launch of these events were put on a level which responds to today’s demands. Cifra garden was renewed in way that brought back its old light, while at the same time was filled with modern and crucial functions for the inhabitants of the town. The opportunity is provided for everyone, including disadvantaged and disabled residents as well, to visit the park and find full recreation.

"Cul-TOURe beyond borders"

The purpose of our project was to show variegation, familiarize Hungarian, Roma and Scandinavian folk music and dance, form an international co-operation regarding cultural fields. A folklore camp was established, where we got acquainted with traditions through lectures, crafts and danc-house together with Icelandic participants. The depth of intercultural dialogue was further strengthened by our Icelandic journey, where the people living there could have a taste of a Hungarian culture and we learned the background of the mythology of the Scandinavians.

Theatre in Education know-how exchange of artists and professors involving six Hungarian theatres, a Norwegian university and a Norwegian theatre

According to a national level study conducted by InSite Drama in 2013, Educational Theatre flourishes in Hungary as never before: today, almost all theatres have such programmes (Adam Cziboy – Adam Bethlenfalvy: Handbook of Educational Theatre Programmes, Budapest, L’Harmattan, 2013). These are such complex arts pedagogical repertoire productions in which the creators of the programme initiate interactions with the participants, inviting them to jointly think about the questions offered by the theatrical parts. This might happen in the form of discussions, but the participants frequently get the possibility to take on roles, or become the writers and directors of the story.

Hungarian premier of theatre play titled Sleeping by J. Fosse

The project targets the Hungarian premiere of the play titled Sleeping of the world famous contemporary drama writer, Jon Fosse, in the interpretation of dramaturge Deres Péter. Fosse is often called the „new Ibsen”. A Fosse premiere is always a noted even in any theatre of the world – also in Hungary. So far more than 30 of his plays were performed in 800 different performances. In addition, the play titled Sleeping would be a premiere in Hungary. As part of our complex program, together with our partner organization – the Scandinavian House Foundation - we organize a workshop with the participation of Jon Fosse, as well as further two invited Norwegian, contemporary author and our actor colleague(s).


As the overall aim of the project 1 performance of an intercultural contemporary artistic dance programme, coreography has been realized in the framework of 2 interactive dance artistic event in international partnership (spot No. 1: Trondheim, Norway; spot No. 2: Nyíregyháza, Hungary).

Colour mixing- Hope, Education, Arts, Creation

The overall objectives of the project are to facilitate Roma and non-Roma intercultural dialogue in North-Bacska region, also to involve the underprivileged regions and underprivileged target groups during the implementation, to adapt and spread of best practices through regular, frequent and long-running implementation of artistic programmes and cultural events organized mostly for young generation.

Break the ice

Our project aims to visit 20 different locations - some of them underprivileged - in Hungary, reach Roma and mixed communities, the young and the adult, to cooperate in cultural projects, weaken the prejudices, facilitate intercultural dialogue by forum theatre techniques, workshops, literary performances and art exhibitions. The main objective is to improve mutual understanding in coexistence - in the workplace, institution or community -, to process everyday difficulties through cultural assets - in this case, theatre.