National Fund for Bilateral Relations Movies

The overall objective of the National Fund for Bilateral Relations was to strengthen bilateral relations between the Donor States – Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein – and Hungary. The aim was to increase the extent of cooperation between institutions and individuals, through formal partnerships or more ad hoc exchange and collaboration. The bilateral cooperations contributed to solve a particular issue through sharing experience, knowledge, know-how and technology.

The aim of the Scholarship programme area of the EEA grants was to help to carry out international co-operations and mobility programs as well as contribute to the establishment of long term relationships and professional cooperation.

One of the objectives of the Renewable energy programme was to sterngthen awareness and education in the sustainable use of renewable energy. Some Hungarian experts had an opportunity to take part in an Icelandic training in the last year therefore they could meet with their methodology.

Hungarian and Norwegian experts are cooperated in the development of products applicable to soil in the framework of the Green Industry Innovation programme.

Hungarian and Norwegian experts are cooperated in E-health based innovations in pathology to promote early diagnosis of cancer in the Public Health programme.

The topic of the bilateral relations was how we can manage water in a better way in the framework of the Adaptation to the climate change programme area. The experts of the two countries exchanged experience about the new infrastructure development.

The biggest Hungarian self governmental organisation the National Association of Local Authorities in collaboration with the Association of Norwegian Local and Regional Authrities provided help for many self governments to handle violent activities committed by „third” parties and exchanged of good practices and working on solutions.

The programme called ’Leaving Home’ was to prepare young people suffering from Williams syndrome or other rare diseases for independent life and through jobs and trainings suitable for them supported by Norwegian Civil Development Fund.

The Ópusztaszer Natoinal Historical Memorial Park and the Norwegian Istitute of Bioeconomy Research organisations have successfully worked together completed Herbal House of Szer, the utilization, maintenance, potential additional improvements.

The objective of the Capacity building an institutional cooperation programme was to strengthen the capacities of Hungarian public institutions and to develop their human resources through co-operation with Norwegian institutions and authorities performing similar tasks and knowledge transfer.